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Dear Little sister Synopsis

Cheptoo, a teenage girl brought up in a staunch Christian family, gets pregnant in her final year in High School. Despite her strong sense of discipline, hard work and constant guidance from her parents, she falls victim to this trap due to peer pressure and negative influence from her bosom friend Marie, who introduces her to male lovers. Cheptoo’s life takes a terrible twist as the pregnancy forces her out of school and in turn her father disowns and drives her away from home.

Cheptoo leads a devastating life for several years with dwindled academic, social and economic ability. Luckily, through a Good Samaritan, she goes back to school, recollects her life and eventually becomes a successful medical doctor. In this novel, Cheptoo writes a letter to her little sisters sharing her experiences and advising them on how to avoid the mistakes she made and lead a better quality life.

Dear Little Sister is a life transforming story aiming at enlightening girls and young ladies while inspiring hope to those already faced with teenage challenges.